Mixing Equipment for the Chemical Industry
Mixing Equipment for the Chemical Industry

Chemical Process Industries (CPI)

Our commercial mixers, installed at chemical manufacturing plants around the world, are available with painted motors, explosion proof motors, and are designed to meet the criteria for Hazardous Environment types such as Class 1 and 2 and Division 1 and 2.

Our industrial chemical mixers employ high intensity mixing to disperse ceramics, deagglomerate powders into primary particles, and eliminate fisheyes for more uniform end products. Admix has had success across numerous applications including the emulsion and dispersion of polymers, plastics, adhesives, resins, polyols, and many other compounds.

Download the datasheet: Chemical Process Overview


Our Lab, Your Ingredients / Admix Trial Equipment, Your Facility…

We offer complimentary lab services and a robust Equipment Trial Program. Contact us to get started! 

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Equipment and Services for Chemical Processing

DynaShear inline mixer – Available with camlock or NPT fittings, the DynaShear is an inline dual stage disperser / emulsifier for inline continuous processing or batch processing with recirculation.  It will instantly blend, dissolve, deagglomerate, disperse, and emulsify a wide range of fluids and semifluids.

The DynaShear is designed to provide maximum versatility to meet your chemical processing needs. Whether you’re looking for a stand alone inline mixer, a mixer to augment your batch process agitator, or further product refinement, the DynaShear ensures consistent quality with precise reproduceability.

The DynaShear enables you to prevent premature plate heat exchanger burn-on, clogged strainers, and mid-day flushouts resulting from undispersed ingredients and stabilizers. Designed for 24/7 operation, it offers flow rates up to 175 GPM and seal pressure ratings up to 450 PSI at 400° F.  See how it works. 


Fastfeed powder induction system – when you need instant 100% dispersion of your powder ingredients, look no further than the Admix Fastfeed.  This powder induction and dispersion system features our proven high shear mixing technology and an ergonomic design.

This skid-mounted, inline system vacuums and conveys up to 450 pounds per minute from the safety of floor level. It wets out, hydrates, and disperses powders in a single pass, instantly creating a 100% completely homogeneous mixture free of lumps, agglomerates and fisheyes. See the latest Fastfeed video to learn how it can help your process.


The Rotosolver high shear mixer is our flagship product with thousands of installations for chemical mixing and blending around the world. For in-tank processes requiring 100% wetting out of powders, the Rotosolver’s patented design provides higher overall shear rates, improved dispersion, and reduced energy consumption for volumes up to 10,000 gallons.

The Rotosolver outperforms competitors in key performance areas. It is designed to efficiently apply every bit of energy to produce either mechanical or hydraulic shear and optimally direct flow that is beneficial to the process. For various applications, it has delivered up to:

  • 50% less energy consumption
  • 600% higher flow rates
  • 20% higher tip speeds
  • 6 times more throughput than conventional mixers

Try the Rotosolver high shear industrial mixer at your Plant – trial skid includes mixer, tank, and VFD controller. A two-week trial gives you the opportunity to try the Rotosolver using your own materials and with your own operators / R&D team running the equipment.

Download the flyer to learn more: Rotosolver Mixer Trial Skid


The Boston Shearmill wet mill/homogenizer outperforms conventional shear pumps and colloid mills and provides very high throughputs at extreme shear rates. This heavy duty inline rotor/stator machine delivers 24/7 operation; reduced solids particles with minimal dust formation; and withstands uneven flow patterns, jolts, and pressure fluctuations.

For milling of soft particles to <1 micron, or hard particles down to 1-2 microns, the Boston Shearmill produces superior particle size reduction, often in a single pass at high production rates. Choose from over 20 variations from course to ultra-fine.


Static Blending: The concept behind a static mixer is simple: fluid flowing through a pipe is channeled through a geometric arrangement of mixing elements. The element geometry within the housing causes the flow to divide, mix, divide again and mix again until complete. Where laminar flow exists, complete homogeneity is achieved through geometrically precise flow division regardless of viscosity, density or velocity. In turbulent flow, the Admixer utilizes radial momentum and inertia reversal to eliminate stratification of flow, temperature gradients and processed material variations. The flow then continues in a pipe as if it had gone through conventional batch mixing in tanks, with the distinct difference that the degree of homogeneity can be precisely controlled within the static blender.


Admix pre-/post-sale services – whether you send a sample for free lab testing, order a trial unit for unlimited on-site testing, or need an in-plant audit or spare parts, we’re here to help. Before and after the sale, Admix has programs that allow you to test new ingredients, formulas, and applications and extend the life of your mixer in order to lower your total cost of ownership.

Applications for Admix chemical mixing and blending equipment

Emulsions: Admix mixers produce emulsions with small, uniform droplet size. These emulsions lead to increased shelf-life, stability and quality without the use of a high-pressure homogenizer.

  • Wax emulsions
  • Paper sizing emulsions
  • Coatings and paints
  • Sealants (e.g., wood products)
  • Polymer and polymerization precursors
  • Anti-foam emulsions
  • Monomer emulsions
  • Incorporation of low-HLB surfactants into aqueous systems

Dispersions: Admix mixers and dispersers employ high shear and high intensity mixing to disperse ceramics, deagglomerate powders into primary particles, and eliminate fisheyes in hydrocolloids and thickeners. Our high shear equipment produces more uniform end products much more quickly and efficiently than conventional dispersers.

  • Coatings
  • Crop protection and fertilization products
  • Car polishes and polishing compounds
  • Dispersion of powders
  • Clay dispersions
  • Disperse iron oxides for magnetic media
  • Metal oxides
  • Dispersions for capacitors
  • Dispersions of ceramics
  • Produce CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) compounds
  • Dispersion of phosphors for CRTs
  • Pulp and paper applications
  • Pigments, organic and inorganic
  • Gel formation for batteries or battery paste
  • Disperse and hydrate Carbopol, and other viscosity-modifying ingredients


Chemical Industry FAQs


In this video, Admix talks about several frequently asked questions. Just go to the appropriate frame for the answer you’re after, or view the entire video!


What sets your equipment apart from other suppliers? 0:13

How does Admix address the need for various size batches and maintain scalability? 2:47

Continuous processing is a trend that has gained significant momentum over the last couple years. How does Admix address this trend? 3:54

How does Admix identify and relieve a manufacturer’s process pain points with its mixing technology? 5:32



The Rotosolver high shear batch mixer combines good product motion and intense mixing vortex control with efficient pumping blades and a high shear mixing region to break down agglomerates and reduce rafting. It is easy-to-clean, CIP, and meets 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.


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Yes! We’ll test your ingredient and application in our fully equipped pilot lab at no charge. You can also consider the BenchMix benchtop lab mixer, which can be configured with Rotosolver and Rotostat heads for maximum flexibility and scale-up to full production.

Want to do unlimited full production run testing at your own facility? Our in-plant trial program allows you to do it for 14 days. Plus, we’re so confident in our scale-up methods that we provide a process assurance warranty with all our equipment.


Absolutely. The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system inducts powders and liquids directly into the liquid stream that fills your blend tank at controlled feed rates up to 450 lbs/minute, resulting in batch times that are typically cut in half. Operator injuries from climbing steps, along with inconsistent batches, dust plumes, and air entrainment are eliminated too, since mixing takes place inline rather than in an open top tank.

In addition, the Optifeed and PIC systems provide inline continuous powder dispersion up to 200 lbs/minute and are ideal for higher viscosities. Another option is the VacuShear system, which is specifically designed to convey granular to fine powders at high flow rates into a vacuum rated, CIP-capable mix station.


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We sure can. The Rotomixx low-speed agitator is portable and can accommodate various tank volumes, and the RotoMAXX II low shear agitator can handle volumes up to 60,000 gallons. Both agitators are an all-stainless steel design, provide simple blending for miscible fluids, solids incorporation and dispersion, can maintain a suspension, and meet 3-A Sanitary Standard #73-01.