Sleeves and Mandrels

Bridge Mount

The INOflex® CFRP adapter, CFRP printing cylinder and CFRP core shaft from Inometa form a perfectly coordinated system for use in flexographic printing. The low deflection of the components increases the quality of print results and reduces waste, providing a high degree of continuity for the ongoing operation. In addition, the use of these products reduces the labor-intensive retooling time between the print jobs on a machine, increasing the profitability of the entire print process.

Hydraulic adapter features:

  • Reduced weight by up to 80%
  • Reduced inertia by up to 80%
  • Increase in bending stiffness by up to 25%
  • Doubled critical speed
  • Adjustable damping, up to a 20-fold higher damping factor then steel
  • Optimized printed image quality
  • Higher printing speed

Pneumatic adapter features:

  • Almost ‘hard’ connection to the cylinder
  • Integrated seal for exceptional installation property
  • Rigid CFRP tube for excellent print quality and speed
  • Integrated damping system for reduction of vibrations
  • Low weight for simplified handling

To learn more visit Inometa or contact Katie Graham at katie.graham@pamarco.com or 1800.533FLEXO

“We’ve found that Inometa carbon fiber adaptor mandrels perform better than the competition in regards to tolerance, airflow, and general construction. The design elements of wound carbon fiber is superior versus the competitors extruded carbon design. In addition, the support structure of the interior tube framework assists not only in reducing deflection within press, but supporting the large mandrels in regards to handling outside of press. All suppliers have long lead-time for the production and delivery of carbon fiber adaptor mandrels.
Inometa’s high quality product does not create a longer than market lead-time along with being competitively priced.”

Menasha, Pumps & Filtration